Nordic Affiliates, first sponsor of Norwegian Trade Organisation

Well-known, Malta-based company Nordic Affiliates ltd. is entering The Norwegian Trade Organisation (NBO) at “sponsor”-level.

The Norwegian Online Gambling Trade Organisation (NBO) recently outlined its work for the industry during a meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Malta.

The organisation was founded in 2019 by heavy-weights Betsson Group, Comeon, Kindred Group and Gaming Innovation Group, aiming to regulate the Norwegian gambling market according to modern and responsible standards

As the work towards creating greater understanding at the final frontier of unregulated European online gambling market intensifies, NBO is now allowing other parts of the industry to become a part of the trade organisation.

Now entering NBO on “sponsor”-level, is well-known, Malta-based company Nordic Affiliates ltd. Nordic Affiliates is among the strongest traffic providers towards the online gaming industry in Norway through their flagship SEO-site

– Being Norwegian myself, and having spent over a decade in the industry, I strongly believe that Norway must regulate its internal gambling markets. Politicians talk a lot, but there is no real change for people who are struggling with gambling problems. Going forward, we all must unite behind NBO for the benefit of both the Norwegian society and the industry, says Håvard Lehn in Nordic Affiliates ltd.

– It ́s vital that everyone involved in the industry appreciates the big strides NBO has made toward a modern and responsible regulation of the Norwegian market the last three years. We all have a duty to support the all-important public affairs work and closely monitor court cases that raises important, regulatory issues. It is vital that stakeholders and the public I Norway are provided with solid facts and not political mumbo-jumbo that so often is the case, Lehn says.

Carl Fredrik Stenstrøm, Secretary General of NBO, emphasise the importance of a unified industry.

– It ́s not a matter of if the Norwegian gambling market will be demonopolized, but when. However, the change is slow, and a successful regulation depends on continuous public affairs-work. The more power we can assemble behind this task, the faster we will reach our goals. We have achieved more progress in the last three years than the previous 20. That’s a testament to the industries determination, but we want more companies to engage, says Stenstrøm.

To make sure interested companies will find a suitable level of engagement, NBO offers three levels of anticipation: sponsors, partners, and members.

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Nordic Affiliates has joined the Norwegian Online Gambling Trade Organisation (NBO) as the first affiliate to become a member, and said it hopes the move will encourage other parts of the gambling industry to join.